The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows


I remember I was on my way to New Hampshire to pick my sister up for a break when this song really struck me. You know when you’re listening to your iPod on shuffle and don’t really have anything specific you’re wanting to listen to? That’s what I was doing. I was half asleep when I heard the last 30 seconds of this song and sat up, checked what song I was listening to, and went replayed the song about ten times. I had always listened to Brand New, but I wasn’t fully invested into any of their albums or specific songs. I knew the words and liked them, but damn this song blew my mind. This is even one of my “Top 25 Most Played” on iTunes. It’s simply an amazing song.




I very recently was suggested this band and I fell in love with them. Husband&Wife are not a very “known” band from my understandings. They only have a couple of albums out but they are perfect albums. This song does it for me starting at 2:30. It’s so powerful and bone chilling (in a good way). This band reminds me a lot of I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business, which is another band I love. Front man Ace Enders does a good job capturing an off beat melody with lyrics to back it up in unison, similar to this band. Overall a very good album and should be given some attention!

Still Into You


This song is so much fun and uplifting that I don’t even care that it’s by Paramore. I know a lot of people who rag on others for liking this band because they consider them “sellouts” but I totally disagree. Although I don’t really listen to them, I’ve heard this song on the radio many times and even considered buying it versus downloading it because it was so good. It gets stuck in my head and I can’t seem to shake it until I listen to it. I put it on a mixed CD with other songs to get me going when I’m sleepily driving to work in the mornings. It’s a good song no matter what anyone says. There is a part starting at 2:20 that I tend to not listen to because it slows down BUT it picks back up into the chorus which is of course the best part of this song. Listen to it! It’ll get stuck in your head for sure.



The Maine is a band that I’ve been listening to since about 2007. I remember getting their EP Can’t Stop Won’t Stop when it was a promoted album on iTunes. I’ve been listening to them ever since. I connected with my best friends through their music and it’s a tradition to go see them together. This song is so intense and drawn out in the best ways. You can hear pain and sorrow but still a sweet “ooh” throughout the chorus. The instrumental parts are brilliant and I would be suprised to find listeners who didn’t find at least one thing they enjoyed about listening to this song. The album is impressive because they made it apart from their label when they weren’t cooperating with what the band wanted. It was basically a “fuck you” to their label and they now have their own label. I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to The Maine because I feel like I’m growing with them.

The Cascade


Moving Mountains is a band that I discovered through other people. Right off when I started listening I knew they were a band I could connect with. On days when I’m out of it or not really interested in being lively I can throw this album Waves on and just enjoy it. The lyrics are great and this is probably the best song off of the album. I had a friend listen to it the other day and he reacted exactly how I had the first time. They have a way of balancing melody and aggression and it’s almost flawless. That’s a hard thing to do.

Hippies Is Punks


I started listening to Wavves this past summer. They have a sound that I consider to be surf punk. There is a light and airy feel to their songs, but the lyrics prove otherwise. This song has a good chorus and the combination of notes is genius. “So get me out of your head, and I’ll get you out of mine. Get me out of your head, it’s just a waste of time.” These lyrics are pretty self explanatory but still so raw and real. This song is super realistic in the terms of relationships and friends and everything along the lines of that. It’s not a depressing song, though. The way the lyrics mix with the instruments actually can put you in a good mood while singing along.

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner


Fall Out Boy is a band I hold close to a lot of memories. They have always been a band I can fall back on and often put songs on any playlist I make. I saw them for the first time (finally) with Panic! At The Disco in September. They played a whopping 24 songs from all of their albums which was amazing. Unfortunately they didn’t play my favorite song, Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner. This is another one of those songs that I just listened to one day, after listening to it a million times before, but it stood out. It pulled me in and I listened to it nonstop for days on end. Towards the end of the song it transitions from a lively upbeat song to more of a ballad and then jumps right back into the liveliness. This really is a great song and I recommend listening to it. The whole album is part of my middle school to now, soundtrack. I’ve been listening to this since 2005 so it must be somewhat good! Hands down one of my top five favorite bands.