Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner


Fall Out Boy is a band I hold close to a lot of memories. They have always been a band I can fall back on and often put songs on any playlist I make. I saw them for the first time (finally) with Panic! At The Disco in September. They played a whopping 24 songs from all of their albums which was amazing. Unfortunately they didn’t play my favorite song, Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner. This is another one of those songs that I just listened to one day, after listening to it a million times before, but it stood out. It pulled me in and I listened to it nonstop for days on end. Towards the end of the song it transitions from a lively upbeat song to more of a ballad and then jumps right back into the liveliness. This really is a great song and I recommend listening to it. The whole album is part of my middle school to now, soundtrack. I’ve been listening to this since 2005 so it must be somewhat good! Hands down one of my top five favorite bands.


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