The Maine is a band that I’ve been listening to since about 2007. I remember getting their EP Can’t Stop Won’t Stop when it was a promoted album on iTunes. I’ve been listening to them ever since. I connected with my best friends through their music and it’s a tradition to go see them together. This song is so intense and drawn out in the best ways. You can hear pain and sorrow but still a sweet “ooh” throughout the chorus. The instrumental parts are brilliant and I would be suprised to find listeners who didn’t find at least one thing they enjoyed about listening to this song. The album is impressive because they made it apart from their label when they weren’t cooperating with what the band wanted. It was basically a “fuck you” to their label and they now have their own label. I don’t think I’ll ever stop listening to The Maine because I feel like I’m growing with them.


4 thoughts on “Misery

  1. I’m so obsessed with the Maine it’s not even funny. I definitely agree with what you’ve said about them and this song in particular, I’ve loved watching John-O and the band grow and mature in such different ways with each new album. They’re definitely a band that’s unlike any other I follow, and I hope to hear nothing but great things from them as time goes on, just like they’ve been producing. Nice post!

  2. I had heard of The Maine before through my brother, but had never really listened to a substantial amount of their work. I really like this song though, and I’ll have to check out some of their other stuff. What other songs do you recommend?

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