Still Into You


This song is so much fun and uplifting that I don’t even care that it’s by Paramore. I know a lot of people who rag on others for liking this band because they consider them “sellouts” but I totally disagree. Although I don’t really listen to them, I’ve heard this song on the radio many times and even considered buying it versus downloading it because it was so good. It gets stuck in my head and I can’t seem to shake it until I listen to it. I put it on a mixed CD with other songs to get me going when I’m sleepily driving to work in the mornings. It’s a good song no matter what anyone says. There is a part starting at 2:20 that I tend to not listen to because it slows down BUT it picks back up into the chorus which is of course the best part of this song. Listen to it! It’ll get stuck in your head for sure.


4 thoughts on “Still Into You

  1. I absolutely adore this song. Coming from someone who’s followed Paramore since their first album, I’ve been intrigued by and slightly disappointed with their sound change on this latest album, but I think this song and a couple of others off of their self-titled CD are really great. They went from an edgy pop-punk sound to a more alternative, almost indie one, and for the most part I wasn’t too impressed. “Still into You,” “Now,” and “Future” were my favorites – this song definitely gets stuck in my head way too often though!

  2. I have mixed feelings about Paramore, always have. I’ve never been a huge fan, but once in awhile, they come out with a catchy song that I find myself humming to or bobbing my head to. I’ve heard this track on the radio lately as well, and I like it. It’s so hard to follow some artists when they change up their sounds and take risks sometimes, so I like that this song sounds more like how they used to sound.

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