White Sky


This is one of those songs I just prefer live. I first heard of Vampire Weekend through friends a few years ago and never really fell in love with them. That changed after hearing them live. I can’t remember what it was about this song that really caught my attention.I found lead singer, Ezra Koenig’s, voice to be pretty amazing live. They all really seem to enjoy what they’re doing and seeing/hearing the reaction they get from the crowd. That’s why I’m sharing a live performance of this song with you. Their music is heard in stores, commercials, and even movies. It’s a very pleasing and universal sound.




This week Panic! At The Disco came out with their newest album Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! This is a band I have been listening to since the eighth grade. Their first album A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out was a whimsical cabaret type of sound that was mind blowing. Their second album Pretty. Odd. was more of a folk type of sound. They took a break from that album and dropped one of the members before releasing Vices & Virtues in 2011. Their newest album came out this week and over the summer they toured with Fall Out Boy and I had the chance to seem them (finally!). I’m generally picky with bands that I hold so closely to my heart, which sounds silly. I liked most of the songs from Vices & Virtues and only a few from Pretty. Odd.. With their new album I’m only sold on about 5 out of the 10 songs so far. None of them are bad, I just haven’t wanted to listen to them more than once. One of my favorites is Nicotine. I actually went to Zumba last night and when I got home was listening to the album and wanted to keep doing Zumba because of this song. It’s very full and energetic. Although no album will be as good as their first, this is a new avenue for them to wander down.

Summertime Sadness


Now this is a song I haven’t regularly listened to but I have a few times within the last week. My friend who studying abroad made me a playlist to listen to while studying or doing homework. She included this song by Lana Del Rey. The lyrics don’t speak out to me in the same sense as she’s written them for. I’ve often found that when I hear a song, I make my own meaning for what the lyrics are. Words are just words and can be interpreted in different ways. I miss a lot of what this summer was for me and I am “sad” that it’s over. I miss my friends like “the stars miss the sun in the morning sky”. That doesn’t have to be based upon a relationship. Missing someone is a deep feeling and this song portrays it well.

Feel Fine

Feel Fine is by the band Augustana. The song is off of their debut album All the Stars and Boulevards which was released in 2005. I started listening to this band my freshman year of college during the spring semester. It was a good album to listen to after class when I was winding down and had the windows open letting fresh air in. Often times with albums or bands as a whole, I listen to their music without really listening to it. It’s more of a background sound versus a connection. I don’t remember the exact moment I heard and connected with this song but I know it’s been a go-to for the past few years. On sunny days or even when I’m in a bad mood I can put this song on and forget about whatever is on my mind. It’s a song I can put on any playlist and rarely skip it, which is a big thing with my listening habits.

The Naked and Famous


The Naked and Famous recently came out with a new album, In Rolling Waves. What can’t I say about this album? It’s nothing short of what I expected from them. Some of my top songs are The Mess, I Kill Giants, and What We want. They create such a full sound that blows my mind. The Mess is probably my top song off of the album. It sounds like a song from their previous album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, but in a new way. You could overlap the songs and it would essentially be the same song without lyrics. The slow build up in the song gives me chills when it finally drops and fills your ears with such a sound.

The Mess